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Welcome!! We are Darrin and Juli Wertz… and we love to roast coffee!

Many people have asked us why we decided to start roasting our own coffee.  It’s a very simple and easy story to tell.

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon sitting on the porch of a local inn on Block Island.   It was summertime but windy and cool on that day. We were each drinking a delicious cup of freshly ground coffee from a local café. The coffee was naturally flavorful, dark and intensely satisfying.  That’s where the spark came from. Why was this coffee so much better than the coffee you buy in the grocery store? The flavor notes, the aroma, and the way it made us feel drove our desire to want to roast our own coffee.

We started off on a small roaster and with each batch the passion intensified. We began sharing our coffee with our friends, family and neighbors.  We were delighted by their reactions and enthusiasm as they sampled each of the roasts. The ability to be creative and add our own flair to each roast compelled us to want to bring our creations to our community. And the rest is history… Black Owl Roasters was born!

At Black Owl Roasters, it’s all about the coffee.  Our freshly roasted coffee is naturally bold and flavorful yet simple and uncomplicated.

What does this mean for our fellow coffee drinkers?   The freshest, craft-roasted coffee straight from the farmlands of New England can be delivered directly to your home for you and your family to enjoy! 

The smell of coffee roasting brings us right back to that rainy afternoon on the porch at the inn on Block Island.  Perfectly roasted coffee beans to be ground and enjoyed  throughout your day.  As our saying goes…


"I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake."

-Lewis Black

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